Seiko Galaxy Bank of China Edition 6Y39-7010
Legit? or Not.A bit of a mystery on this one to me. It seems to be a custom-dialed Galaxy for[...]
Casio Wrist Remote Controller CMD-40
Remote on The Go!This is a serious multi-function watch that launched in the '90s.  Calculator, alarm, chronograph, these typical functions[...]
Seiko Sign Table 2 – D410-5020
Early Data Bank AttemptHere is my other Sign Table, not the D409 but a less often seen D410, which was[...]
Seiko Moon Phase 7A48-7000
One of Seiko Best Quartz ChronoSeiko had brought out a lot quartz chronos in the past three decades.  Among them[...]
Citizen Ana-Digi Temperature 8982-085264 – 2019 SC-Edition
Unbeatable Citizen Ana-Digi TemperatureSo, here's my first Citizen Ana-Digi Temp.  It is one legendary watch by Citizen released in the[...]
Seiko Quartz 3802-7031
Early quartz in 1973...After Seiko had launched the world's first quartz watch to public in 1969 December, it took them[...]
Seiko Diamatic 6119-5450
Various '70s Design SignatureIn the seventies, Seiko had came out with a lot of funky designs on their wide ranges[...]
Timex Ironman Triathlon – 1st Gen
Official Licensed for Ironman TriathlonDeveloped by Timex was the original Triathlon watch in 1984.  They teamed up with WTC in[...]
Seiko Pulsemeter S229-5001
Pulsemeter from the '80sAs early as 1983, Seiko had came out with their first watch equipped with a new feature,[...]
Seiko SOLAR QUARTZ 4826-9000
Seiko's First Solar AnalogYes, that's correct.  This is the first solar analog made by Seiko, back in the 1977.  This[...]
Seiko Twin Quartz SUPERIOR 9983-8000
How SUPERIOR is this watch? To make it short, this was the most accurate Seiko watches they made in the[...]
Seiko 0634-5001
Design on Early Seiko DigitalThis is simply beautiful.  One of the early models they brought out in the mid '70s.[...]
Enicar Automatic
Enicar from SwitzerlandEnicar was a Swiss brand.  However, can their current products still be considered as Swiss watch.  I have[...]
Seiko Laurel Diashock 14035
LaurelLaurel, it's a very special name to Seiko.  In 1913, Seiko produced their first wrist watch, named Laurel. During all[...]
Seiko SilverWave Digital A914-5030
Late-Vintage Seiko DigitalThe golden years of Seiko digital didn't really last long.  It last only around 20 years, from roughly[...]
Casio Casiotron S-14
Early Casio from '70sAnother Casio early digital watches in mid '70s, the Casiotron.  This is one of their early one,[...]
Seiko Hex 6139-7080
Champaign Dial 6139Not a commonly seen model, the hexagon case 6139 is a rarely seen among the series, and I[...]
Casio Classic Digital A158W
Casio Bestseller!Anything to talk about this?  A trendy G-Shock or some limited editions that the selling prices goes crazy, those[...]
Seiko 5 Sports 6119-8140
How Serviceable are Vintage Seiko?A good thing about vintage Seiko, parts are widely available to most models. Thanks to the[...]
Seiko Big Running Man D138-4009
Run! Seiko! Run!One of the most iconic digital model of Seiko, the Running Man!Why is it called the Running Man?[...]
Seiko Lord Matic 5606-7070
Automatic or Manual Wind?The 5606 is one popular automatic caliber launched in the late '60s, when mechanical watches were still[...]
Seiko Quartz Hybrid 7548-7040
When 7548 Meets 6309Here's something fun to play with.  Two watches from the same era, one is quartz, the other[...]
Neltronic Melody Alarm Digital
Simple Melody DigitalHere's another non-running digital watch I picked up recently. It really caught my eyes for two reasons, first[...]
Alba Introductory Model Y448-6000 Black
Earliest ALBA DigitalIntroduced in a special issue of the Dealer's Catalog in 1978 December, the name ALBA was mentioned along[...]
King Seiko 45-7010
A Stellar High Beat MovementThe King Seiko is one of the popular dress watch series they have in the sixties,[...]
Seiko Computer Watch UC-2000 & UC-3000
Smartwatches From The EightiesToday I feeling like wearing what we called 'Nerd Watch' from the old days.These were the state[...]
Seiko Automatic 7005-7052
Seiko Design of the '70sIn the '70s, Seiko had put a lot of focus in developing the emerging market of[...]
Shanghai 7120 SZ-1
Standard MovementWhen I had decided to put my hands on movement other than just collecting, the one that was introduced[...]
Seiko Grand Quartz Twin Quartz HGP 9943-8020
GQ Gold Nugget!Well, it's not really a solid gold nugget, but the design of the dial.  This Twin Quartz Grand[...]
Casio Ana-Digi AQ-350W
Early Casio Ana-Digi Module 305My first Casio Ana-Digi, was actually given by a friend, who was about to toss it[...]
Seiko Cross Training S610-4000
First Cross Training Watch from SeikoSomething colorful for the Digital Saturday.For the first time, Seiko had released their first cross[...]
Seiko 5 ‘Quartz’ 7123-8430
It Does Exist!There's one topic that on and off being discussed by Seiko enthusiasts in different forums and interest groups.[...]
Seiko Emperor Tuna – SBDX014 8L35-00H0
The Emperor TunaMy rare purchase of a new modern Seiko, the Marinimaster SBDX014.  Picked this up during a trip to[...]
Seiko Pan Am M158-5000
The one and only, Seiko Pan Am.A legendary model, the first World Time Digital offered by Seiko in 1977, commonly[...]
Lambda Time Chrono Digital LS-103A/85618
Vintage Lambda - Made In Hong KongIn the late '70s, Hong Kong made a lot of these watches and ship[...]
Seiko Solar SQ Sports 100 A156-5040
First Solar Digital for International MarketAnother Vintage Solar Digital for a Digital Saturday!A while ago I had shown my collection[...]
Seiko Orange Quartz Driver – 7548-700C
Vintage Orange 7548When Seiko released the 7548 in the late '80s, only two models were introduced, the black 7000 and[...]
Seiko JDM Quartz Driver – StormMaster 6458-6000
A Less Talked About MasterpieceThe 6458 was the earliest midsize quartz diver Seiko brought out in the late '70s. Just[...]
Seiko Silverwave Digital A259-5090
Grill Design on DigitalDigital watches are still available nowadays, but not the way they used to look like.Digitals from the[...]
Seiko Quartz V.F.A. 3823-7001
What is V.F.A.?After Seiko launched the world first Quartz watch in December 1969, the accuracy standard on horology had been[...]
Seiko Automatic for Watchmaking Exercise 6309-8120
Exercise PreparationAfter seeing so many examples of friends on the forums/groups servicing their own watches with loads of fun.  I[...]
Alba Black Digital Chronograph Y446-4060
Early Alba Digital - Black CoatedOne of the harder to find classic Alba, the black Y446.  Came out the first[...]
Seiko Digital Green Face A229-5000
Dial Variations on Classic DigitalSomething green for a Digital Saturday!In the classic digital era, among all the models, each one[...]
CASIO Game Calculator – Invaders – SL-880-N
Numeric Invaders from the '80sBack in the '80s, if you were a high school students, you might recognize this right[...]
Seiko Slim Turtle Pepsi 6309-729A
A Less Recognized Classic TurtleWhen people talked about Seiko Turtle, usually they are referring to modern Prospex remake or the[...]
Seiko Digital Scuba S800-0020
Digital Watch For DiversPossibly one of the most short-lived digital diver Seiko had.  Started to appear in the JDM 93[...]
Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 6145-8000
Grand Seiko's Finest HourThe 61GS was brought out in the 1968 and said to be one iconic model among all.[...]
Seiko Spirit Giugiaro SCED019 – Bishop
Modern BishopIn the movie Aliens (Alien 2), the characters wore a lot of Seiko's.  The one wore by Bishop was[...]
Seiko JDM Quartz Driver 7548-7000
My Favorite Quartz DiverThe 7548 series of divers first appeared in the 1979 Volume 2 Catalog, along with two other[...]
Casio Radial Graph RGW-20
Forgotten ClassicIn the early '90s, Casio had brought us a lot of cool digital watches.  However, due to the existence[...]
Seiko Palladium Digital D229-5010
Coated For A Reason?Here's something a little different, well this time, by the finish. The case itself gives a yellowish[...]
Seiko Automatic Chronograph 6139-XXXX
Franken With Style - 6139This 6139 is not something that Seiko originally brought out, it is in fact a piece[...]
Seiko JDM Quartz Driver 7C43-7010
from 1986 JDM Catalog The One That Set The StandardThe 7C43-7000 series was the second generation of quartz diver that utilize[...]
Seiko Racing Master A781-400A
Designed For RacersThe Racing Master was introduced in 1988, to be a digital watch made with the functions for track[...]
Seiko Type II 7546-8070
Affordable Vintage​Type II, is a series of dress watches offered by Seiko in their early quartz days, in the late[...]
Seiko 國冠 Transistor Clock TTX-604
1967 Shop ClockA gift clock for a new shop opening in June 1967, by the Japanese brewery, 國冠酒造, which is[...]
Seiko Lord Marvel 36000 5740-8000
High Beat!How fast is your watch beating at?  It is referring to how quick the balance wheel inside the watch[...]
Seiko First Solar Digital A156-5010 (White)
Found At Last!Digital Saturday!!Had the A156-5000 Black Face, but we always love to collect them all.  To complete the A156[...]
Seiko Bell-Matic 4006-7010
當60年代電子鬧錶還沒有面世,設計有響鬧功能的腕錶,便是要把整個鬧鐘嵌入腕錶主體內,絕非易事。機械上鏈鬧錶的敲鐘聲響,與當時枱頭上鏈鬧鐘,沒有兩樣。唯體積所限,響鬧時間只有10-15秒,預設則不能多於12小時。Alarm WatchClassic Alarm watch from the late '60s.Before the existence of quartz alarm watches, which started to come around in[...]
Seiko Automatic 7006-7120
Circles & SquaresA Typical design of dress watches in the '70s.If you flip through the old catalogs, you would not[...]
Seiko Automatic Diver 7002-7009 (Movement from Singapore, Cased in Hong Kong)
Where Did They Come From?​The time before the ever popular 7S26-based SKX007/009 we see in the stores nowadays, there was[...]
Seiko Digi-Ana H357-5000
Shaken,not Stirred.James Bond had been wearing a wide range of watches over the long series of movies in all his[...]
Seiko 5 Sports 6119-8140
Seiko Early Sports WatchThis 6119 just turns 50 in 2018.  This is a good example of showing how they change[...]
Seiko Osaka Expo 1970 6119-8090
World Expo 1970​What we have here is the Osaka Expo '70 watch, a watch that believed to be officially made[...]
Seiko Calculator Watch C153-5011
Calculator On The WristDigital Saturday!In the mid seventies, pocket sized calculators had hit the market for just a few years[...]
Seiko Bracelet Clasp – Gotta Get It Right!
Why would it matter to have original clasp?Some people really don't care about the clasp, that's a fact.  As long[...]
Seiko JDM Quartz Driver (Transitional Model) 6458-6020
The Last First Generation 6458With the success achieved by their first generation mid-sized quartz diver, the 6458.  Along with the[...]
Seiko King Quartz (Brown Dial) 5856-7020
Dial that makes the difference​This is another classic quartz watch by Seiko.  It has a 5856 movement inside that has[...]
Seiko Hex Champagne 6139-7080
World's First Automatic Chronograph: 6139The 6139 is one of the most well-known classic chrono caliber Seiko offers.  Introduced in the[...]
Seiko Robot Face Digi-Ana H239-5020
Seiko Robot FaceThe Legendary Seiko Robot Face, H239-5020. Released in 1981 along with the other Digi-Ana, this is the most[...]
Seiko Automatic, Quartz, and Digital
Who can save these these timeless vintage watches?​How do people usually deal with their watches when they are not functioning[...]
Casio Casiotron 25CR-16
Their First AlarmCasio early digital watches in mid '70s, the Casiotron.  The earliest ones were all plain vanilla time telling[...]
Seiko Super Runners S640-4000
Seiko Running Watch Digital Saturday on a run. Here's the second generation running watch introduced in 1995, to replace the[...]
Seiko Sportsmatic 820 7625-8140
A Sports Watch?​A very classy watch from the '60s, the Sportsmatic is one Seiko classic that you could get easily[...]
Seiko King Quartz 5856-8010
1979 King Quartz,the end of Single Quartz Movement.​This belongs to the final year of the Seiko King Quartz lineup equipped[...]
Seiko Ski Thermo S820-6000
Ski Gear​In the early '90s, Seiko came up with the idea of bringing out a line of sports watches.  Each[...]
Seiko JDM Quartz Driver (White) 6458-600B
The Early Mid-sized DiverA very well built and defined diver Seiko made in the early days they started their Quartz[...]
Seiko Gold Bezel Digital A639-5050
Gold Silver Two-ToneThe A639 is a very simple choronograph movement.  However it's not as commonly seen out there people wearing[...]
Seiko World Time Red Map A239-5020
One Watch,Two Screens!My Global Digital Saturday!This is the 'one' watch that I never thought I could get one at the[...]
Seiko SQ Quartz Driver (Pepsi) 7548-700B
The SKX AncestorWhen we talk about diver, there's one brand that always comes to our mind, Seiko.   What's so[...]
Seiko Galaxy 5Y31-8000
Galaxy? Or is it Credor?A gold tone Galaxy with a textured dial.  This is certainly not everybody's watch with such[...]
Seiko Type II 7546-7060
Among the quartz series Seiko offered in the seventies,  'Type II' series offers the widest selection on dials.  This 7546-7060[...]
ALBA Digi-Ana Y651-5040
ALBA First Digi-Ana Watch - 1980ALBA earliest Digi-Ana from 1980. My lucky grab from junk bin and lucky fix for[...]
Seiko ELNIX Electromagnetic watch 0703-8030
The ELNIX is an electromagnetic watch.  A technology before the quartz revolution  Running at 28800bph, the sound it made is[...]
Marc Jacobs Digital Watch MBM5003
From the mid 90's. Marc Jacobs brought out their line of fashion watches.  Details on the whole collection can't be[...]
Seiko Memo Diary Wrist Information System UC-3000
Digital Saturday with Memo Diary WIS.Based on the same design of the iconic UC-2000, Seiko brought this out shortly afterward.[...]
Seiko Midsize Diver 6458-600A
Classic, robust, beautiful. 6458, Seiko's first mid size quartz diver.
Seiko Grand Quartz SGP 4842-5011
Grand Quartz with a gold-dust dial. Elegance, in the language of Seiko from the 70's.
Seiko LM Special Hi-Beat 5216-5000
Glorious Sunday with this eye-catching high beater. One of the best movements used exclusively on the Lord Matic, the 5216[...]
Seiko SGP F033-4000
Golden Digital Saturday!The F033 is one early simple dress watch, with an outstanding design on the display. By using a[...]
Seiko Nihon University Graduation Watch 7N21-8A00
Enjoy every moment in your game of life, with your favorite timepieces.The graduation watch of The Nihon University, College of[...]
Pulsar Calculator Watch Y739-5019
Digital Saturday, woohoo!!A proud owner of this gorgeous Seiko Pulsar calculator, from 1979. Fully functional, perfect keyboard response, with the[...]
Seiko Titanium Diver 7C43-6A00
New member to the vintage midsize diver collection, the JDM titanium 7C43 from 1987. A lighter body comparing with typical[...]
Seiko Super Runners S670-00A0
Super Runners, Tokyo Marathon 2012 Special Edition.The perfect watch for the perfect race at the perfect place.
Seiko Majesta 9063-6000
Among my collection, this is definitely the gold-est one I have. The Twin Mode Quartz Majesta SGP, with 9063A movement.[...]
Seiko Automatic Diver SKX009
A watch that every Seikoholic should have, the SKX007/009/011.
Seiko Diver 5H25-7A19
Divers N' RosesI didn't make the bezel like this purposely. It came the way it was, with a really scratched[...]
Seiko Talking Watch A860-4001
Digital Saturday, on voice!Designed specifically for the visually impaired, the A860 was one popular choice in Japan for those who[...]
Seiko PC Datagraph RC-4000
It's Digital Saturday again!Getting nerdier week after week, with the RC-4000 PC Datagraph, the world's smallest computer terminal in 1985.[...]