Casio Wrist Remote Controller CMD-40

Casio Wrist Remote Controller CMD-40

Remote on The Go!

This is a serious multi-function watch that launched in the '90s.  Calculator, alarm, chronograph, these typical functions are not the focus.  It's a TV remote controller with learning feature!  Too good to be true to some people! Haha!

It features most common functions you find on typical remote controller, such as power on/off, channel changing, volume, numeric keypad, fast forward, rewind, play, stop, input select.  You can choose among the built-in support of remote settings, of different TV manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, GM etc., or you can program your own.  However, it is strong advised the user to either remember how to program or switch modes, or bring a cheat sheet along.  It is complicated.

The best use of it, to me, is at the restaurant or pub.  You will never know what this bring can bring you.  You know what I mean. LOL.

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