Seiko Silverwave Digital A259-5090

Seiko Silverwave A259-5090

Grill Design on Digital

Digital watches are still available nowadays, but not the way they used to look like.

Digitals from the past, the watch casing usually carry a square or rectangular shape, this design is usually lead by the shape of the LCD window, which is also rectangular.  Since the introduction of the alarm feature, the watch must need a front mount outlet to let the sound out.  Thus most of them do have a grill sitting in front, either above the crystal, or down below it.

As the design of these watches are somewhat limited to the form factor, they had put some effort in designing the grill.  The one seen above is a typical twist on designing the grill.  Behind the metallic checkered grill, there's a metal mesh to prevent things or dirt getting in.  And behind the mesh, it's the buzzer or speaker.

This minimal design had big help in making the digital more appealing, and sometimes, certain designs are only available in limited supply, that made them quite collectible nowadays, and gives a very distinguished retro look.

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