Seiko Slim Turtle Pepsi 6309-729A

Seiko Slim Turtle Pepsi 6309-729A

A Less Recognized Classic Turtle

When people talked about Seiko Turtle, usually they are referring to modern Prospex remake or the old classic 6309-7040/9 with the wide cushion case running a 6309 movement inside.  That was so iconic that almost every Seiko enthusiasts want one.  One that people paid less attention, or some don't even know, was the slim sized version, the slim Turtle.  Made between 1976 and 1988, the 6309 is ever popular since then till now.

With the same movement as the bigger brother, it has a 6309 movement inside, featuring day/date on the dial.  The dial design is different though.  Unlike the big turtle that uses round hour markers and its own set of 3-6-9-12 marker designs, the slim turtle has a separate set of its own with rectangles from 1 to 11, and 12 with two inverted triangles.  It's successor, the ultra popular 7002, inherited almost 99% of its design.  

The slim turtle came in mainly 3 different theme, the black bezel on black dial which is the 6309-7290, the Pepsi with blue/red bezel on black dial which is the 6309-729A, and finally the very rare orange dial with black bezel and gold fonts, which is the 6309-729B.

Seiko 6309-729X

All three variants of the  6309 Slim Turtle (Photo borrowed from SCWF post)

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