Seiko Osaka Expo 1970 6119-8090

Seiko Osaka Expo '70 6119-8090
Seiko Osaka Expo 1

World Expo 1970

What we have here is the Osaka Expo '70 watch, a watch that believed to be officially made for the executives responsible for the event by Seiko.

Made in April 1969, with the popular automatic caliber of the time, the 6119. Pairing with it, is the Copper Medal made for the Expo, which makes the package even more appealing.

Dial and body is a bit aged, showing it was in fact being worn as daily instead of stored. Came with it is also a full sized original bracelet, which I believe this might belonged to a non-Japanese, where they usually have smaller wrists. Very happy to have this added to my collection, and it's gonna stay with me.

Osaka Expo Medal
Osaka Banpaku Park Expo
Seiko Clock Tower Osaka Expo

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