Seiko Quartz Hybrid 7548-7040

Seiko Quartz Hybrid 7548-7040

When 7548 Meets 6309

Here's something fun to play with.  Two watches from the same era, one is quartz, the other one is automatic, both are really nice even today.  They have different movements and casing designs.  They are just two very different divers, period.

Despite of the facts above, something can be done to give them a new look.  This is by swapping the movements.  Doing so on the 7548 and 6309, is very easy and straight forward, just open the case, have the crown out, swap the movement (with dial and hands attached), put the correct crown stem back in, and close the case.  Done in 5 minutes max!

There you see, a 7548 movement in a classic 6309 turtle casing.  Comparing with the standard 7548, it is now wider and heavier.  Note this is not an official model, even the model code, was put together by myself, with the first half being the movement code, and the second half is the case code.

Will leave it like that for the time being, and both watches will back to their original states, when I feel like to do so.  It's fun!  The two watches below, are their real identities.

Seiko 7548-7000
Seiko Turtle 6309-7040

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