Seiko Robot Face Digi-Ana H239-5020

Seiko Robot H239-5020
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Seiko Robot Face

The Legendary Seiko Robot Face, H239-5020. Released in 1981 along with the other Digi-Ana, this is the most iconic one with the face looks like a robot.  And they advertise it as a music robot as well.

The most unique design of this watch is the front facing speaker mounted on the crystal.  It is in fact not a real speaker but a mock up. At the center of the speaker is a pipe, that leads to the buzzer inside.  So when the alarm goes off, the sound will come out from the pipe, so it works sort of like a speaker.  A very funny and unique design indeed.

The analog clock is electronically controlled by the crown next to it, unlike the traditional way of adjusting an analog movement.  Digital movement is typical with dual time capability, plus the alarm and stopwatch.

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