Seiko Orange Quartz Driver – 7548-700C

Seiko Orange 7548-700C

Vintage Orange 7548

When Seiko released the 7548 in the late '80s, only two models were introduced, the black 7000 and the Pepsi 700B.  Later the years they brought out two extra model with different dial colors, the orange and the green, or sometimes people says it's teal.

For all four colors they offered, I managed to have three.  The orange one shown here is my latest acquisition.  It's from 1981 and was very well kept and maintained.  Different from the other four models, the bezel of the orange have golden color fonts.  I believe the green model might also have the same bezel, but I cannot confirm as it's not in the catalog, and I don't have that yet as well.  The green is the rarest and the most expensive in fact, which easy cost more than some other divers like the 6105, go figure.

Seiko 7548 Catalog

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