Seiko JDM Quartz Driver 7C43-7010

Seiko 7C43-7010 Diver
7C43-7010 Catalog 1986

from 1986 JDM Catalog


The One That Set The Standard

The 7C43-7000 series was the second generation of quartz diver that utilize this casing.  The first one was the 7548-7000 series.  After an upgrade of the case design on the final version of the 7548, which crown the rating from 150m to 200m, they were then being classified as Professional diver watches. The same case design and water resistant structure, is still being used in today's diver, namely the best selling Seiko entry level diver SKX series, with the same 200m rating.

The new 7C43 movement were first used in 1986, and is proven to be very reliable and durable.  The 7C movements are still being used in today's diver, with case rating from 300m to 1000m models.  Shown here is the early 7C43 from 1988, a Japanese Domestic Model, which has a Kanji day-wheel.  In fact, this were sold worldwide with the same configuration, with just different day-wheel localization.  

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