Timex Ironman Triathlon – 1st Gen

Timex Ironman Triathlon - 1st Gen

Official Licensed for Ironman Triathlon

Developed by Timex was the original Triathlon watch in 1984.  They teamed up with WTC in the same year to have the watch officially licencsd for the Ironman Triathlon, with the Ironman trademark, for the Ironman Triathlon.  The watch is finally released in 1986.

Ironman Triathlon

The main different between the original Triathlon model and the Ironman version at that time, were using the new lronman logo, a then new color theme as show above instead of all black, and the uplifted the rating from 50m to 100m.  Nothing more.  Note at that time they didn't use Indiglo but the traditional light bulb for screen lighting in the first generation.  The first gen were produced from 1986 all the way to 1991, then they came out with a new one replacing it, with Indiglo.

This was picked up as a non-runner as well.  But in fact it was just overly dirty and all pushers were clogged up by grim or mud.  A good cleaning of the casing, a simple dust off of the module, plus a fresh battery, brought the whole thing back to life.  Also note the screws on the bezel, those are real, and the bezel can actually come off.  Pretty nice construction this slim plastic watch has, which should last the full day long haul activity of the triathlon event.

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