Seiko Pan Am M158-5000

Seiko M158-5000 Pan Am

The one and only, Seiko Pan Am.

A legendary model, the first World Time Digital offered by Seiko in 1977, commonly known as the 'Pan Am', the M158-5000.

Very easily distinguished by it's lemon face and the face plate with selected regions of different time zones, the main purpose of the Pan Am is for frequent travelers easily adjust the time for different time zones with just simple presses of buttons.  It is built very differently comparing with other digital, the module is mounted on to the caseback instead of drop-in to the top case.  The yellow tone was created by the top glass of the LCD instead of the crystal.  

Came with the original bracelet, this watch is not light.  It weighs considerably heavier than other digital of the same era.  One can tell after disassembled the unit and check how think the stainless steel casing and the caseback is.

A very iconic Seiko Digital, a must have for Seiko collectors.

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