Seiko Digital Scuba S800-0020

Seiko Digital Scuba S800-0020

Digital Watch For Divers

Possibly one of the most short-lived digital diver Seiko had.  Started to appear in the JDM 93 vol.2 catalog, and last appeared in the 94 vol.2. Probably lasted only a year and a half in the market.

The special function of this digital diver, is having a scuba chronograph mode.  Under this mode, it can log data up to 20 dives.  Each set of dive data includes month and date of dive, dive starting time, diving time and number of dives on that day up to 9 dives per day, also provide auto signal of passage time. Other than that, it has 3 separate alarms and and regular chronograph mode.  It also has a rating of 200m under the water.

Originally equipped with a extended nylon straps, that could be worn external to the diving suit.  Now on the Seiko signed rubber for everyday wearing.

S800 Catalog 1993

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