Seiko Racing Master A781-400A

Seiko Racing Master A781-400A

Designed For Racers

The Racing Master was introduced in 1988, to be a digital watch made with the functions for track racing sports.  

For easy manipulation, the frequent-used buttons are positioned on the front plate, the start-stop button, and the lap-button.  So even with the gloves on, the user can still click the button easily.  The module A781 came with those standard features like chronograph and alarm, plus a few more.  The user can enter the lap length, so it could log the fastest lap made, the time differences between laps, and also calculate the average speed made of the laps.  These are the features that do not appeared on other non-racing digital watches.

Another variation of this watch which didn't show up on the catalog, was the Honda version, which I will show it in my future blog.  Stay tuned!

A781-400A Catalog

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