Casio Classic Digital A158W

Casio Classic Digital A158W

Casio Bestseller!

Anything to talk about this?  A trendy G-Shock or some limited editions that the selling prices goes crazy, those were the ones people are more interested.  But none of them beats the popularity of some basic models that Casio offers, since the '90s (or even earlier) yet they are still selling them unmodified or without any upgrade since they came out, and still selling like hotcakes.

The A158W is one of those.  You can still get one from Amazon for less than 20 bucks, it has a claimed battery life of 7 years,  it is so easy to operate, so easy to carry, fit anyone's wrist, has an alarm, with a stopwatch, it even has a light (nowadays a tiny green LED) built-in!  All at a suggested retail price at 21 US dollars. You just can't go wrong with it.  

The case itself is actually chromed plastic, with an acrylic crystal.  So it wears pretty light, and all the buttons and the caseback are properly installed with rubber gasket to provide everyday water resistant feature.

Once putting that on, it just give you that feeling that you're back to your college time or university life.  It's a kind of 'a piece of the time' thingy.  Well, it's all for twenty dollars, get one.

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