Seiko World Time Red Map A239-5020

Seiko A239-5020

One Watch,
Two Screens!

My Global Digital Saturday!

This is the 'one' watch that I never thought I could get one at the right price. They were either at an acceptable price but falling apart, or physically fine but with a ridiculous price tag. Another iconic digital watch from Seiko, the A239-5020 World Time, from 1980.

As far as I know, they came in three major variations. First, the Stainless steel with a black map. Second, the stainless steel with a green map. And third, gold plated with a red map.

The special feature of the A239 module, is the screen. It has a dual layer LCD, with one layer showing the traditional time screen with day and date. With a push of a button, it shows a completely different screen, with a red map showing different time zones. 

You can jump to different time zones by using the side buttons, and it shows the respective time of the selected zone which flashes on the map. This is one cool feature that can instantly tell you the exact time of different time zones, without the traditional way of moving needles or turning bezel. Also, it has a dual alarm, one for home time, and one for world time. No Chrono function on this though.

The case is made of stainless steel, with the alarm speaker behind the grill on top. Came with the original bracelet with Seiko clasp, also gold plated, which made the package complete and collectible. A very iconic piece in the collection, that would take a permanent spot in the box.



又一精工極標誌性的80年代電子跳字錶,A239 World Time。當時劃時代的科技結晶,首創雙層液晶體顯示。

Seiko A239-5020
Seiko A239




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