Seiko SQ Quartz Driver (Pepsi) 7548-700B

Seiko 7548-700B

The SKX Ancestor

When we talk about diver, there's one brand that always comes to our mind, Seiko.   What's so special about them?  We'll talk about that later.  But today, I'm going to show you the one series that I like the most, the 7548.

From the photo, one may say, what's so special about it.  It looks almost the same as those Seiko SKXs that were being sold on the shelves today. Yes, you are right, They looks so close, but not quite the same.  The new ones are just the grand-grand-grandchild of the one in the photo, in terms of design.  

The 7548 is the first and original Quartz diver came out in the late '70s, in this kind of diver casing. Powered by a high-torque quartz caliber 7548, a battery will keep the watch running for two to three years with stunning accuracy.  It was quite a breakthrough back in that time as most divers were still running on automatic calibers.

The 7548 came in 4 different variations on color. Black, Pepsi (as shown), Orange, and Teal.  The Teal tends to be the rarest and yet the most expensive one right now, which cost thousands in USD easily.  The Pepsi shown in the photo, is from 79, an international version.  The SQ marks on the dial shows that it was sold outside Japan.  And this is now almost 40 years of age, and it is still ticking strongly.

Price wise, they went up in price every time I checked with the auction houses globally.  Get yours, while they are still attainable and affordable.  

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