Seiko Sportsmatic 820 7625-8140

Seiko Sportsmatic 820

A Sports Watch?

A very classy watch from the '60s, the Sportsmatic is one Seiko classic that you could get easily from the market, without breaking your piggy bank.  And yes it is a sports watch.

Unlike today, we have sports watches for running, for swimming, for hiking, and so on. Back in those days, not much of a design difference was made on watches for different purposes. They had made it waterproof and maybe had it designed to stand against some shaking and vibration, then they might crown it as a sports model.  Early diver watch, introduced by Seiko in the mid-'60s, was one good example that it certainly looks like a dress watch more than what we see them today.

This 820 housing an automatic 7625 caliber, rated waterproof, with a vinyl crystal, made in 1967.  A relatively simple yet reliable movement, still working as it should be with acceptable accuracy, for a solid 51 years. 

Note the size of it, it was a pretty big watch according to the standard back in those days.  And it still looks right in size even nowadays when you compare it other new watches being sold now. Find one yourself, then you'll understand not all classic watch are fragile or expensive.  They could be affordable, stylish and tasteful.

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