Casio Radial Graph RGW-20

Casio Redial Graph RGW-20

Forgotten Classic

In the early '90s, Casio had brought us a lot of cool digital watches.  However, due to the existence of the overly popular G-Shock, which appeared in the mid-'80s, a lot of these cool models were overcast by them.

The RGW-20 was released in 1993, sold with the focus on timer and stopwatch, also equipped with multiple alarms with date and day selection.  Not available on the G-Shock, is the cool animated graphical display of the timer when it runs.  The plastic case is decorated by aluminum pivots and bezel inserts, which makes it very appealing in appearance.  I picked it up without the original rubber strap.  So I trimmed the ends of a pair of universal rubber to snug fit the odd 15mm lugs, and it went well.  Cleaned all the buttons and tunnels, and now the button response is restored and performs beautifully.

Classic Casio, is quite a different game set comparing with classic Seiko digitals, yet also as playable and collectible.  Have fun!

About the Author Eric

Eric has been a gadget lover for decades and had been collecting affordable vintage since the nineties. With his passion for vintage watches, he had been sharing thoughts and photos in interest groups, with his intention of raising public interests on forgotten classics.

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