Seiko Cross Training S610-4000

Seiko Cross Training S610-4000

First Cross Training Watch from Seiko

Something colorful for the Digital Saturday.

For the first time, Seiko had released their first cross training watch in 1992.  A full plastic watch, available in two colors, black and red, appeared in the dealer's catalog.  Priced aggressively at only 9800 yen.

This watch features a very large LCD screen with 3 rolls of digits, that could show more than one record particularly in timer mode simultaneously, to a maximum of 30 laps memory.  Detail features are yet to be studied after I can locate the original user/technical manual.

S610 1992 Catalog

Note this is the version that shows 'Cross Training' on the casing. Another version with the same module inside, however with the name 'Interval Timer' is also available, the reference is different which is S610-4010.  Which I believe is the international version of the same watch.  This is yet to be confirmed.

1992 Dealers Catalog

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