Seiko Emperor Tuna – SBDX014 8L35-00H0

Seiko Emperor Tuna SBDX014 8L35-00H0

The Emperor Tuna

My rare purchase of a new modern Seiko, the Marinimaster SBDX014.  Picked this up during a trip to Osaka, it's an awesome piece of work that once I put it on and can't let go.

A tribute to the first tuna watch released in 1975, the SBDX014 was launched in 2015 for this reason.  It has a monobloc titanium inner casing with a ceramic shroud as the outer casing, to protect the case from shocks.  Although it is officially rated to be 1000m under water, it has in fact been tested to sustain 3000m deep down, with it mounted externally to a remotely operated undersea research vehicle.

The movement inside is the 8L35, which is an automatic and beats at 28800vph, have seconds hacking and manual winding as well.  It has about 50 hours of power reserve.  This movement is actually the same movement used by Grand Seiko, the 9S55, but unregulated and non-decorated.

Came with a soft vented rubber strap as standard, now replaced with the Strapcode military nylon strap for a more comfortable wearing.  A very robust and beautiful modern timepiece it is.


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