Seiko 5 Sports 6119-8140

Seiko5 Sports 6119-8140

How Serviceable are Vintage Seiko?

A good thing about vintage Seiko, parts are widely available to most models. Thanks to the interchangeability of parts among their series, this what what I had done recently, used parts from another vintage and fixed this one.

The symptom was, even I am wearing the watch, the auto doesn't seem to wind the coil unless I shake it whit it's off in my palm.  It didn't look right, so I decided to take the back off and check it out.  First First thing I noticed was, the rotor was turning as freely as expected.  So I looked around, and saw some grinding marks on the main block of the movement.  Under the loupe I looked, when turning the rotor manually,  I saw the rotor block actually touching the main block.

What I have done was, taking the whole rotor assembly with the bearing off by unscrewing the big center screw.  Took another assembly from one of my parts watch, 6106, and moved it over to the 6119.  I had a closer look of the bearing area of the 6119 rotor, it is falling apart, pretty loosen and it is not fixable to my capability.  So the quickly fixed the 6119 by using the parts from the 6106. 

Mind this is not always the case that parts are interchangeable among the same series, but usually they do share lots of common parts.  So next time, if you have some non working ones, don't toss them, you will never know when you will need something from them.

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Eric has been a gadget lover for decades and had been collecting affordable vintage since the nineties. With his passion for vintage watches, he had been sharing thoughts and photos in interest groups, with his intention of raising public interests on forgotten classics.

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