Seiko Hex 6139-7080

Seiko Hex 6139-7080

Champaign Dial 6139

Not a commonly seen model, the hexagon case 6139 is a rarely seen among the series, and I am lucky enough to have one of these. 

The case is a bit over-polished, but that's ok as it still keeps the shape properly.  I had seen some been polished to a state that all the lines had disappeared, that is completely rounded.  The dial is original and shows some ages on that.  Not planning to touch that part for it being a very high risk of destroying the finish, so I've decided to leave it as is.  The movement is excellent, probably one of the best one among all the 6139 I have.  The chronograph function works perfectly, and the needle can swing back to 12 o'clock position precisely.  A lube job is planned for this beauty to keep it in shape.

Bracelet is original, and is the one shipped with this model.  A bit of proper treatment is needed to restore the original finish of it and the signed clasp.  That's about it.  A stunner to keep indeed.

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