Marc Jacobs Digital Watch MBM5003

Marc Jacobs MBM5003

From the mid 90's. Marc Jacobs brought out their line of fashion watches.  Details on the whole collection can't be obtained, but this is one of then.

Built with a very robust monoblock stainless steel case and which looks like a sapphire crystal, this watch isn't light at all.  It sure weighs comparatively heavier that most Japanese digital from the same era. Inside the case, the module is made by an unknown manufacturer.  Decent quality but definitely far from the other great modules in the market by the main players.  The pushers, surprisingly all four were made by solid stainless steel, that give the user a very pleasing 'pressing' experience.  And I must say, this feels even better than some of those Japanese ones.

The bracelet is original with the brand marked on the clasp.  However, from the limited info available from the internet about this watch, it is a lady watch!  Size wise, it is pretty much the same as most men's digital watch, nothing like those quarter-sized lady models.  Well, the bracelet is a 14cm solid one, which for the length is a typical factory setting for a lady model.  While trying it on my wife's wrist, it looks just right without any need of bracelet alteration. It's meant for her then, and yes, Marc Jacobs might not know much about watches, but they do know what looks good on women of course.

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