Seiko Lord Marvel 36000 5740-8000

Seiko Lord Marvel 36000 5740-8000

High Beat!

How fast is your watch beating at?  It is referring to how quick the balance wheel inside the watch swinging at.  On the mechanical watch, you can see the second-hand moving forward 'a click' at a time. Each 'click' indicate a beat, or an one-way swing of the balance wheel.  The faster it swings, the higher beat the movement is running.

A typical watch nowadays are running at 21600 beat-per-hour (bph).  The one here is running at 36000bph.  You could notice the second-hand running much smoother, like sliding.  The travel distance between every 'click' is shorter, and it clicks through quicker.  This give you an illusion that it slides on instead of clicking through.

This watch is manufactured in January 1969, which was the same year and month of my birth time. And this is my only BMBY (birth month birth year) watch in my collection.  The linen dial and the gold plated case is mint, a lovely example of Lord Marvel from the 1960s.

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