Casio Casiotron S-14

Casio Casiotron S-14

Early Casio from '70s

Another Casio early digital watches in mid '70s, the Casiotron.  This is one of their early one, not the earliest on though. The earliest ones were all time telling units only. This one, is among their frist series of World Time pieces.

The casing is beautiful!  A thick piece of stainless steel monobloc as the main casing, with another thick piece of flat screw-in case back, plus a separate opening for battery.  Even all pushers are made of solid stainless steel, this watch is heavy.  The crystal is made of real glass, a thick one too.  Came as a runner, the condition of the LCD is still in prestige condition, no fading, no rainbow effect.  Bracelet it is original with all solid links and matched finish with the watch body.

Overall, it is a very very nice piece and well preserved. Have to mention the most difficult part of it, is to setup the module.  Unlike most other digital modules, setting this is a real pain.  To set every individual digits, you have to wait the the digit cycling itself from 0 to 9, and at the desired digit, you then immediately press the correct button to choose it.  Once you've missed that, you have to wait another cycle to make the choice.  It just takes a lot of time to set just the time, not to mention the rest like setting default time zone and other operations.

A nice one to keep, and a desirable early Casiotron for digital watch collectors.

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