Seiko Type II 7546-8070

Affordable Vintage

Type II, is a series of dress watches offered by Seiko in their early quartz days, in the late seventies.

It is positioned as the entry level series and have a variety of case styles and dial designs. Mostly recognized by the public with their use of many wild colors on their dials.  Other than colors, they also put much attention on the texture applied to the dial.  The example shown right here, uses a uniform layout of tiny inverted pyramids on the dial, to create an illusion of dots with reflective sides.  A intuitive design to make the dial reflecting lights to different angles.

Different variations of Type II are still widely available in the used market, at very reasonable price points.  Just make sure you get it with a working quartz movement, or you will have to find a replacement for the swap.

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Seiko Type II 7546-8070

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Eric has been a gadget lover for decades and had been collecting affordable vintage since the nineties. With his passion for vintage watches, he had been sharing thoughts and photos in interest groups, with his intention of raising public interests on forgotten classics.

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