Seiko Automatic 7005-7052

Seiko 7005-7052

Seiko Design of the '70s

In the '70s, Seiko had put a lot of focus in developing the emerging market of quartz watches.  However, they still put a lot of effort in pushing their lines on automatic watches forward.  Instead of working on new movements, they did a lot on the case and dial design.

This 7005 carries one of the many typical designs they brought out in the 70's.  Based on a typical 7000 case, they have a cut of the metal near the lugs, to give it a staggered look.  The dial on the other hand, still carried forward a lot of the design ingredients from the '60s, such as the big cross on the dial, and the square applied markers.  These design were slowly replaced by the longer line-shape markers in the '70s.

It is fun to see and study how the designs (not limited to Seiko) evolved, from decade to decade.

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