Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 6145-8000

Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 6145-8000

Grand Seiko's Finest Hour

The 61GS was brought out in the 1968 and said to be one iconic model among all.  Designed by Taro Tanaka, who introduced the rules in designing the ideal watch design, which he called it the 'Grammar of Design'.  The 61GS was the second one strictly following this set of rules.

1/ All surfaces and angles from the case, dial, hands, and indices had to be flat and geometrically perfect to best reflect light.

2/ Bezels were to be simple two-dimensional faceted curves.

3/ No visual distortion was to be tolerated from any angle, and all cases and dials should be mirror-finished.

4/ All cases must be unique, with no more generic round case designs.

(Credit to the article at Worn & Wound)

This 6145-8000 beats at 36000vph.  The case is made by very fine stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish.  The crown is GS-signed, along with a real-gold medallion at the case back showing 'Seiko GS' with a tiny Suwa logo it.  Very well made and one can tell by looking inside at the caliber, with noticeable difference in the detail on parts used.  With no surprise this is a highly collectible vintage Seiko.  Also available is the 6146 caliber, which features day/date configuration.  Some adverts below shows the 6146.

More works has to be done on this one, at least, have to find the replacement for the missing gold medallion at the caseback.  A lot of these were either worn off, or simple taken by someone in the past, as it's made of real gold, a lot of these were snagged along the time.  Anyhow, this is one must-have to any serious collector, the 61GS series.

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