Seiko Big Running Man D138-4009

Seiko Big Running Man D138-4009

Run! Seiko! Run!

One of the most iconic digital model of Seiko, the Running Man!

Why is it called the Running Man?  On the photo above, at the lower right of the display, it's a dot matrix LCD.  When the watch is set to the chronograph mode, there it shows a running man figure.  As soon as you press the start button and time starts counting, the running man will move like a man running, until you hit stop.  Seiko had used this graphics motion to advertise their achievement on digital watch development, with dot matrix LCD.  You can check out the video below, which was a vintage TV commercial broadcast in Hong Kong. 

Other than the chronograph function and time keeping, it also features two separate alarms and hourly chime.  In setting the alarm, you can choose different icon for that alarm, where the those icons are also animated.  The one shown above, is one of them, showing a man shaking hands with a girl, which I believe this indicates a meeting is planned.

This is called the 'big' running man, so there's another model which is called 'small' running man using a different movement and have a different set of features.  I will show the other later on.

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