Seiko First Solar Digital A156-5010 (White)

Found At Last!

Digital Saturday!!

Had the A156-5000 Black Face, but we always love to collect them all.  To complete the A156 basic collection, to me, I want both that were shown on their introductory catalog.  Not only that, the bracelet in that was my target too.  To me, I've never seen one on sale.  So once I saw it, I know, it got to be mine.

The bracelet is extremely well made, with solid links from tip to toe.  Came in full length, and the few links I took out, I could feel the quality of it. Those bracelets from the early days, I must say, is as collectible as the watches.  And to make the collection perfect, an original matched bracelet is one of the most important parts of the game.

At the bottom of the page, you can see the black version I have.  And you can check out the intro page from the catalog, see that bracelet, yes, this is the one.

Seiko Solar A156-5010 bracelet
Seiko A156 Catalog
Seiko Solar A156-5010





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Seiko Solar A156-5000

Black Version - A156-5000

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