Seiko 0634-5001

Seiko 0634-5001

Design on Early Seiko Digital

This is simply beautiful.  One of the early models they brought out in the mid '70s. The 0634 series is still one popular vintage digital people are looking for.  There are a few other variants in the series, but they all sort of carrying the same look.

Two front buttons to control the chronograph functions, light and other setting functions, with no side button on either sides. The casing is a one-piece stainless steel, with a real glass crystal.  Very sturdy built.  The bracelet with this one is original paired, with the clasp showing the SQ emblem.  This is the international model 5001.

Seiko 0634 1

The 0634 was in fact world's first digital chronograph.  When it first came out, it actually cost more than some other Swiss watches, for example, the Omega moon watch.  See how expensive these things were at that time.

Here's a great video by my friend, Mr. Michael Bolton, on his YouTube Channel, showing one of his collection on 0634 he has, and he fixed that up from a dead watch, to a full function one.  A great video to see the inside of this and how great the quality this watch is.

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Seiko 0634 vs Omega

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