Seiko Automatic, Quartz, and Digital

Michael Bolton Restorations

Who can save these these timeless vintage watches?

How do people usually deal with their watches when they are not functioning correctly?  Most of the time, they will take them to the nearest watchmaker to have them checked out.  For those not-so-old watches, that's fine.  But for some vintage, it might not be a good idea.

It's not that the cost of fixing them, it's more on workmanship.  I will later on have a more detailed post on the different situations I had encountered in my quest of finding the right people to service my collection.

Right here, these are the three watched serviced by a very nice gentleman from England, Michael Bolton, who I know him from a Facebook group he set up, sharing how he picked up the skill and worked on his collection.  All these pieces were not working to different extend when I sent them over, and they all came back nicely serviced and restored.

Vintage watches are no ordinary pieces, remember, find the right person to save them, or you'll regret as you might not find another one again, ever.

About the Author Eric

Eric has been a gadget lover for decades and had been collecting affordable vintage since the nineties. With his passion for vintage watches, he had been sharing thoughts and photos in interest groups, with his intention of raising public interests on forgotten classics.

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