Neltronic Melody Alarm Digital

Neltronic Melody Alarm Digital

Simple Melody Digital

Here's another non-running digital watch I picked up recently. It really caught my eyes for two reasons, first it wasn't that dirty, second it bears a name which is very nineties, and lastly it is a melody alarm.

After a basic cleaning on the exterior, I opened it up.  A button cell was inside, and surprisingly it wasn't leaking!  That's a very good sign.  Then I popped in a new battery, too bad, it's still not showing anything. As picked it up at the cost of less than a can of soda, there's nothing to lose to take it further apart.  After completely disassembled the whole thing, I used alcohol to clean the board and all contacts as suggested by the pro, and making sure the zebra stripe was clean and tidy.  After drying every parts completely with the help of the hair blower at normal temperature, I started to put everything back by reversing the procedure.  The moment of truth with the battery inserted, voila, it fired up!!

The first thing I tried, is the alarm.  It does play the Westminster tune, that's good, everything works now. An easy save in fact, and happy to bring this typical 'Made in Hong Kong', sort of no-name watch, back to life.  It definitely deserves a space in my collection.

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