About Coolest Vintage

How it all started…

Since I was a kid, my parents had taught me the importance of time.  However, it’s not an easy concept for a child to comprehend.  I remember, with the help of a simple wall clock, I learned how to tell time.  Hours, minutes, seconds… wow, how cool was that?  Didn’t have a watch, until the time I was seven or eight. My dad bought me my very first watch, a Seiko.

Since then, a different Seiko has been on my wrist, one after another.  My interest in collecting watches started way back to the late eighties at a flea market in Toronto Canada, where I was a foreign exchange student.  A very old watch sitting at the bottom of a bin, with a sign showing 5 bucks each.  There I picked up my very first ‘used’ watch, a Wittnauer dress watch from the sixties, which I still have.  Then I had picked up a few more from different places, all used, and started my little collection on vintage watches.  Other than watches, I also have a deep interest in collecting different sort of things of my time; Handheld games, calculators, audio units etc.

With all the little things that I had collected, and all the info gathered from the internet, I have decided to set up this site and a Facebook page, for better organization and sharing with those who have similar interests.  Feel free to drop me a line, let me know how I can make this site a better place as an info portal. Let’s show the world how we love these timeless and “Coolest Vintage” stuff.