Seiko Galaxy 5Y31-8000

Galaxy? Or is it Credor?

A gold tone Galaxy with a textured dial.  This is certainly not everybody's watch with such a tone, but a joy to look at to the dial under a magnifying glass.  The print on the dial is so neat, so crisp, and so defined.

For the Galaxy series, they all carries a special series emblem as shown in the photo.  Not much info on the Galaxy series could be found on the internet. As far as I know, it is a sub brand in the eighties. Always being mistaken as Credor, since the both emblems looks very similar.  From what I could tell, the Galaxy watches are far from the Credor in build-quality, but an entry level dress watch series instead.

Despite the fact  that they are not as pricey as the credor or some other dress watches, they still looks prestige.  And at a very affordable price range.

Seiko Galaxy 5Y31-8000

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