Seiko Memo Diary Wrist Information System UC-3000

Seiko UC-3000

Digital Saturday with Memo Diary WIS.

Based on the same design of the iconic UC-2000, Seiko brought this out shortly afterward. With some tweaking in functionality, here's the UC-3000 from 1984. Housing a different module, the watch looks almost identical to the UC-2000, except it's now coated in black.

Getting rid of the built-in calculator and stopwatch, now they put in a bigger memo and an enhanced schedule. This time the memo can have 100 lines, all up to 1K memory in total. With the help of the new text-editing keys on the external keyboard, like 'insert' and 'delete' of characters or lines, making data entry an easier task. It works exactly like those text editor on UNIX systems in the '80s.

Another prime feature, probably for the first time on a wristwatch, you can set a whopping 43 separate schedules with alarm on this little thing, each with your own descriptions! All could be quickly done with the keyboard, that transmits the signal to the watch by induction. But I still wonder, who would ever do that.

Still, this is one cool watch to play with, and to look at.

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