Seiko Type II 7546-7060

Seiko Type II 7546-7060

Among the quartz series Seiko offered in the seventies,  'Type II' series offers the widest selection on dials.  This 7546-7060 is a very good example from this series. When picked this up, it came as a non-running watch, with a fogged up crystal.  I could hardly see if the dial is clean or not.

So after having the movement removed, the dial looks spectacular! And because it didn't come with a battery inside, so no instant sign of it being damaged by a leak battery.  After inserting a battery, the needle didn't move.  However, I could notice the second needle was wiggling.  Not bad.

I believe it's just the lubrication being completely dried up. So some 'exercise' on the movement could most probably bring it back to life.

The dirty crystal along with the casing, with the help of specific cleaning compound, was cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner several times.  And the result turns out beautiful.

The dial on this 7546 is the highlight, with a sunburst blue finish, the whole thing will shine beautifully under sunlight.  Still in search for a leather to replace the Seiko bracelet shown, which should belong to a digital instead.

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