Seiko 5 Sports 6119-8140

Seiko Sports 6119-8140

Seiko Early Sports Watch

This 6119 just turns 50 in 2018.  This is a good example of showing how they change the look on the sports watch from the traditional design to a more 'sports-looking' design.

Belongs to the same era where Seiko brought out their first automatic chronograph, 6139.  The 6119 isn't a chronograph as you see, and it's not as chunky as 6139 as well.  Also note, on the dial it's written on it 'WATERPROOF' instead of what we see today on most watches water-resistant.  This was something to do with the US regulations back in the early '70s on watches.  We'll talk about that later.

This 6119 just came back from a complete overhauling on the movement, and now it runs smooth and accurate after checking on a timegrapher.

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