Seiko JDM Quartz Driver 7548-7000

Seiko Quartz Diver 7548-7000

My Favorite Quartz Diver

The 7548 series of divers first appeared in the 1979 Volume 2 Catalog, along with two other ladies sized quartz divers as new models.  And also the first time of Seiko to utilize this case design.

It came standard with a 150m rating, with a choice between two colors, black dial with black bezel insert  and blue dial with blue/red bezel.  It came standard only with the rubber strap GL831, where you can see this mentioned on the catalog shown below.  The movement itself is serviceable, as a big portion of it is more or less the traditional mechanical watch design.

The 7548 is definitely my favorite diver of all time.  Later on I will have a specific page made for the 7548, with all the info collected from the internet and links to them.  Plus a good amount of photos that we could know more on this legendary piece that Seiko made, where after 40 years, people still love it and actively looking for it.

Seiko 1979 Catalog
Seiko 7548 1979 Catalog

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