Seiko King Quartz (Brown Dial) 5856-7020

Dial that makes the difference

This is another classic quartz watch by Seiko.  It has a 5856 movement inside that has an accuracy rating of +/-10 seconds per month.

It was made by their Daini factory in 1978, with a dial which is less seen in the used market, a brown dial.  If you look through the old JDM catalog, you will notice on the KQ series, other than some traditional dials, they did offer some colorful choices, light blue, green, purple, and the brown one you see here.

The came in a pretty scratched up and dented condition, without a bracelet.  After an unavoidable polish process and a serious clean up with the movement removed, it looks way better now.  And the best thing is, the movement still keep time with it's stated accuracy, after 40 years!

Seiko King Quartz 5856-7020

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