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In the mid seventies, pocket sized calculators had hit the market for just a few years and gained some popularity.  Brands like Casio, Texas Instruments, Sharp, Panasonic etc. were selling those calcs like hotcakes.  In a different category, Pulsar (before being acquired by Seiko) and HP also had their own inventions, have a calculator built inside a watch, with an LED display.  However, they were very very pricey.

Then in 1976, Seiko came out their first calculator watch, C153, with the use of LCD as the display. The chunky and robust watch case is a signature of their early digital watches, mounted with a 22mm wide solid link bracelet, this legendary calculator watch is no featherweight. It's history, a must have for any vintage digital lover. Mine is from 1977 and came with the original Z-clasp version for the bracelet, an important member of my 'Seiko's First' collection.

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Seiko Calculator C153-5011



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