Seiko JDM Quartz Driver (Transitional Model) 6458-6020

Seiko 6458-6020

The Last First Generation 6458

With the success achieved by their first generation mid-sized quartz diver, the 6458.  Along with the bigger brother 7548, both models comes to their end of their model life.

However, before coming out with the new models, Seiko had put them in certain 'public testing'.  With a new design at the case infrastructure and crystal mounting, by using the same movement inside, a semi-new baby is borne.  The new 6458-6020, with a new rating of 200m down the water, crowned as a professional model now.  A subtle change of model to the market, and it didn't last long on the shelf.

In less than a year selling in the store, Seiko introduced a new model with new movement, the 7C43.  Yet, this time they advertised it with a new case design, which in fact was the same design quietly used on the final 6458's.

The limited circulation of this transitional model in the market, made it a Seiko collector's item, and a very reliable professional diver for daily use, even after three decades of usage.


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