Seiko JDM Quartz Driver (White) 6458-600B

Seiko 6458-600B

The Early Mid-sized Diver

A very well built and defined diver Seiko made in the early days they started their Quartz Divers series.  Some people said this is the baby version of the 7548 divers.  But in terms of details, the 6458 offers more than its bigger brother.

Applied hour markers is one signature of the series, and this exact markers design can still be found on today's Seiko divers.  Only available in this mid-sized series, is the white dial.  The other 3 dial variants, black, orange, and teal, are available on the 7548.  But the pepsi dial is not available on 6458 though.

Definitely my favorite mid-sized diver series.  What I don't have is the teal version, which is super rare and fetch a crazy price whenever one shows in the marketplace.  Will see. 🙂


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