Seiko Grand Quartz Twin Quartz HGP 9943-8020

Seiko Grand Quartz HGP 9943-8020

GQ Gold Nugget!

Well, it's not really a solid gold nugget, but the design of the dial.  This Twin Quartz Grand Quartz was one of top models they offered in the late '70s.

Seiko 9943 Catalog 1979 P3
Seiko 9943 Catalog 1979

According to their dealers' catalog in 1979, the retail price of this timepiece was 150,000 yen.  That's a lot of money for a watch.  With a HGP case (hard gold plated) and the bracelet stamped with the GQ abbreviation, this is really stunning.  The external focus goes to the dial.  A very beautiful so called 'gold nugget' dial it has, gives the watch a prestige look.  You can check out the photo below of this textured dial, it's definitely on of their best.

Seiko Grand Quartz HGP 9943-8020

Powered by a twin quartz movement, the 9943 is rated +/-10 seconds per year accuracy.  This is exceptional even with today standard.  And this 40 years old watch still beats close to the rated accuracy, as checked after running 2 months, it lost about 3 seconds.  A proper service will definitely bring it back to its rated accuracy.

Seiko Grand Quartz HGP 9943-8020

The twin quartz movement didn't last in the market for long, only for about 5 years then they are gone, and was replaced by dual mode quartz models.  This had been widely discussed that it might be the reason of high cost in making these movements.

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