Seiko Automatic for Watchmaking Exercise 6309-8120

Seiko Automatic 6309-8120

Exercise Preparation

After seeing so many examples of friends on the forums/groups servicing their own watches with loads of fun.  I had decided a while ago, other than collecting, I want to do my own servicing.

There got to be somewhere to start with.  There are numerous video tutorials on YouTube that you could follow.  Also, a large number of articles that you can find specifically written for many different movements.  All you need, is some patience, some tools, a guinea pig, and the tutorials that suit your pace.  The above 6309 I picked up, is for my exercise in servicing the 6309 caliber. Eventually I want to put my hands on my two 6309 Turtles.  With this I could start practicing and can also serve as a backup for parts later on if I break anything on the turtle.  

For those who are interested in picking up the joy of watchmaking, I would suggest to check out my friend Michael Bolton's YouTube Channel, My Retro Watches.  His list of video explains what are the stuff you need to start playing with, and you can see how he striped the watch and rebuilt it to its full glory.

Great videos, check them out, highly recommended!

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