Seiko JDM Quartz Driver – StormMaster 6458-6000

Seiko StormMaster 6458-6000

A Less Talked About Masterpiece

The 6458 was the earliest midsize quartz diver Seiko brought out in the late '70s. Just a bit later than they launched the bigger brother 7548.

It came in 4 different models, with mostly the dial color difference.  The black as shown, the orange, the white, and the green.  The are all of the same specifications and were rated 150m Water Resistant.  The one in the photo, which is quite beat up, is a running watch now.  When it first came in, the condition was even worse than it is shown now, and non-moving.  After a very thorough clean on the case inside out, and have the movement serviced by lubricating and rust taken off, it is now running like a beauty, in heart.

Just leaving it the way it looks, it sure did have an exciting history before, then let it keep the scars.

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