Enicar Automatic

Enicar Automatic

Enicar from Switzerland

Enicar was a Swiss brand.  However, can their current products still be considered as Swiss watch.  I have a big question on it.  For the fact that Enicar is already owned by a Hong Kong based company, who used to be their authorized distributor for the region, some of their products no longer considered as Swiss made and their focused market is now the mainland China.  More detail about the history and fate of the brand, can be found from the internet easily.

This one here is definitely made by the 'original' Enicar.  A solid stainless steel casing it has, with a very beautiful automatic movement inside, which is gold in color.  The dial has a campaign tone which has a darker tone near the edge.  Hour markers are huge and high profile.  Setting the date, is by a pull-and-push action at the crown to advance a day.  Thus adjusting the day could cause you to pull and push the crown a number of times to set it right.  Bracelet is original, with an Enicar emblem on the clasp.

After a proper service, it's now running great and keeping good time.  Not sure about the production date of this watch, however, with a comparison of a similar Enicar of this, I believe it's from the late '60s.

Enicar Automatic Clasp

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