Seiko 國冠 Transistor Clock TTX-604

Seiko Transistor Clock TTX-604 front
Seiko Transistor Clock TTX-604 back

1967 Shop Clock

A gift clock for a new shop opening in June 1967, by the Japanese brewery, 國冠酒造, which is no longer in business after 1995.

A very well made transistor clock from the old time, with such design mostly used in shops and restaurant, it is powered by a D-size battery.  Once the battery is installed, you have to press the button to kick start the movement.  The time adjustment post is made by aluminum, comes all the way through the bottom of the clock.  So a person can adjust the time without taking it down, when needed.

The clock has some handwriting at the back, showing it is a gift to a shop, dated June 1st, 1967. After 51 years, it is still keeping time as it should.

Seiko Transistor Clock TTX-604 dial

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